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Enzyme Information

General Information
Standard nameUBC5
Systematic nameYDR059C
DescriptionUbiquitin-conjugating enzyme that mediates selective degradation of short-lived and abnormal proteins, central component of the cellular stress response; expression is heat inducible.

Ubiquitination Features
Num. of substrates Total 8 wild-typeand 1 mutant known substrates.
Wild-type substrate
EGD2Nascent polypeptide-associated complex subunit alpha
GAL2Galactose transporter
HMLALPHA2Mating-type protein ALPHA2
MAL61Maltose permease MAL61
RPB1DNA-directed RNA polymerase II subunit RPB1
STE2Pheromone alpha factor receptor
STE3Pheromone a factor receptor
ZRT1Zinc-regulated transporter 1
Mutant substrate
KeywordWild type description
mPRC1Carboxypeptidase Y [Precursor]

Cross References
Swiss-Prot accessionP15732
Gene Ontology (GO)
Cellular componentGO:0000502proteasome complex (sensu Eukaryota)IPI:SGD.
Molecular functionGO:0004842ubiquitin-protein ligase activityIDA:SGD.
Biological processGO:0006897endocytosisTAS:SGD.
Biological processGO:0000209protein polyubiquitinationIDA:SGD.
Biological processGO:0006986response to unfolded proteinTAS:SGD.
Biological processGO:0030437sporulation (sensu Fungi)TAS:SGD.
EC number

Additional Features
Post Translational Modifications (PTM) PTM sites are not determined.

Sequence Information
Sequence length148
Molecular weight16281