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Substrate Information

General Information
Standard nameTOM22
Systematic nameYNL131W
AliasMAS17, MAS22, MOM22
DescriptionMitochondrial import receptor subunit TOM22

Ubiquitination Features
NumberSiteTypeE2E3 ClassE3 SubclassSubstrate ReceptorUbiquitin ReceptorDUBEffect
1 MULTI    RPN10 Proteasomal Degradation
* Blank: not determined, NA: not applicable.

[1]EvidencePurification & Protein ID
Methodpurification (ubiquitin-chain by UBA domain-containing protein, 6xHis-ubiquitin (two-step)), LC/MS
Reference"Analysis of polyubiquitin conjugates reveals that the Rpn10 substrate receptor contributes to the turnover of multiple proteasome targets."
Mayor T, Lipford JR, Graumann J, Smith GT, Deshaies RJ.
Mol Cell Proteomics. 4(6):741-51 (2005) [15699485]

Cross References
Swiss-Prot accessionP49334
Gene Ontology (GO)
Cellular componentGO:0031307integral to mitochondrial outer membraneIDA:SGD.
Cellular componentGO:0005742mitochondrial outer membrane translocase co...TAS:SGD.
Molecular functionGO:0005515protein bindingIPI:IntAct.
Molecular functionGO:0008565protein transporter activityTAS:SGD.
Biological processGO:0030150protein import into mitochondrial matrixIMP:SGD.
EC number  

Additional Features
Other Post Translational Modifications (PTM)  

Sequence Information
Sequence length152
Molecular weight16790

AN                                                       152