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Substrate Information

General Information
Standard nameSNC1
Systematic nameYAL030W
DescriptionSynaptobrevin homolog 1

Ubiquitination Features
NumberSiteTypeE2E3 ClassE3 SubclassSubstrate ReceptorUbiquitin ReceptorDUBEffect
* Blank: not determined, NA: not applicable.

[1]EvidencePurification & Protein ID
Methodpurification (ubiquitin-chain by UBA domain-containing protein, 6xHis-ubiquitin (two-step)), LC/MS
Reference"A proteomics approach to understanding protein ubiquitination."
Peng J, Schwartz D, Elias JE, Thoreen CC, Cheng D, Marsischky G, Roelofs J, Finley D, Gygi SP.
Nat Biotechnol. 21(8):921-6 (2003) [12872131]

Cross References
Swiss-Prot accessionP31109
Gene Ontology (GO)
Cellular componentGO:0005768endosomeIDA:SGD.
Cellular componentGO:0031201SNARE complexIDA:SGD.
Cellular componentGO:0005802trans-Golgi networkIDA:SGD.
Cellular componentGO:0030133transport vesicleIDA:SGD.
Molecular functionGO:0005485v-SNARE activityTAS:SGD.
Biological processGO:0006897endocytosisIMP:SGD.
Biological processGO:0006893Golgi to plasma membrane transportTAS:SGD.
Biological processGO:0006906vesicle fusionTAS:SGD.
EC number  

Additional Features
Other Post Translational Modifications (PTM)  

Sequence Information
Sequence length117
Molecular weight13201

IILLVVIIVP IAVHFSR                                       117

	* Ubiquitinated lysine is denoted as red color.