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Substrate Information

General Information
Standard nameHHT2
Systematic nameYNL031C
DescriptionHistone H3

Ubiquitination Features
NumberSiteTypeE2E3 ClassE3 SubclassSubstrate ReceptorUbiquitin ReceptorDUBEffect
1        Proteasomal Degradation
* Blank: not determined, NA: not applicable.

[1]EvidencePurification & Protein ID
Methodpurification (ubiquitin-chain by UBA domain-containing protein, 6xHis-ubiquitin (two-step)), LC/MS, validation (statistical quantitative analysis)
Reference"Quantitative profiling of ubiquitylated proteins reveals proteasome substrates and the substrate repertoire influenced by the Rpn10 receptor pathway."
Mayor T, Graumann J, Bryan J, MacCoss MJ, Deshaies RJ.
Mol Cell Proteomics. 6(11):1885-95 (2007) [17644757]
[2]EvidencePurification & Protein ID
Methodpurification (HB-ubiquitin (a tandem affinity tag under denaturing conditions)), LC/MS
Reference"A tandem affinity tag for two-step purification under fully denaturing conditions: application in ubiquitin profiling and protein complex identification combined with in vivocross-linking."
Tagwerker C, Flick K, Cui M, Guerrero C, Dou Y, Auer B, Baldi P, Huang L, Kaiser P.
Mol Cell Proteomics. 5(4):737-48 (2006) [16432255]

Cross References
Swiss-Prot accessionP61830
Gene Ontology (GO)
Cellular componentGO:0000788nuclear nucleosomeTAS:SGD.
Molecular functionGO:0003677DNA bindingTAS:SGD.
Molecular functionGO:0005515protein bindingIPI:UniProtKB.
Biological processGO:0006333chromatin assembly or disassemblyTAS:SGD.
EC number  

Additional Features
Other Post Translational Modifications (PTM)
Residue indexType
5N6,N6,N6-trimethyllysine, alternate.
5N6,N6-dimethyllysine, alternate.
5N6-methyllysine, alternate.
10N6-acetyllysine, alternate.
10N6-methyllysine, alternate.
15N6,N6-dimethyllysine, alternate.
15N6-acetyllysine, alternate.
19N6-acetyllysine, alternate.
19N6-methyllysine, alternate.
24N6-acetyllysine, alternate.
24N6-methyllysine, alternate.
28N6,N6,N6-trimethyllysine, alternate.
28N6,N6-dimethyllysine, alternate.
28N6-acetyllysine, alternate.
28N6-methyllysine, alternate.
37N6,N6,N6-trimethyllysine, alternate.
37N6,N6-dimethyllysine, alternate.
37N6-acetyllysine, alternate.
37N6-methyllysine, alternate.
80N6,N6,N6-trimethyllysine, alternate.
80N6,N6-dimethyllysine, alternate.
80N6-methyllysine, alternate.

Sequence Information
Sequence length136
Molecular weight15356